Census of the State of Michigan, 1884

Census of the State of Michigan, 1884


You can search by name, county, township, and year by using the advanced search link that appears below the search box at the top of every page within Seeking Michigan. When the advanced search menu opens, you’ll want to uncheck “Death Records, 1897-1920” and click to put a check next to “Michigan State Census Records, 1864-1894.”

State, territorial, and colonial censuses

Michigan took censuses in different years than the federal censuses. These censuses may have different data compared to federal censuses. Check these censuses for more information on a family.

  • 1843-1969 Statewide annual county census of school age children.
  • 1935 State special unemployment census
  • 1934 State special old age pension act taxable citizens census, coverage incomplete
  • 1848-1924 Statewide annual county census of deaf, dumb, blind, and insane.
  • 1904 Lost

Michigan (U.S.A.) portions of the 1840-1870 U.S. Federal Censuses as well as indexes to the 1827 Territorial Census, 1837 Kalamazoo County, 1840 Pensioners Lists, 1845 State Census, and other early censuses. Information contained in these indexes can include name, state, county, township, year of record, and name of record set.

Census of the state of Michigan, 1884. Comp. and pub. by the secretary of state, in accordance with an act of the Legislature approved June 5, 1883. By authority.

Census of the State of Michigan, 1884


Census Collections

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